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About Terror Baseball!

Terror Baseball is a 12U travel baseball team consisting of players largely located from the north and east of Pittsburgh. We develop players in the following areas:

Hitting – proper techniques to maximize contact with the ball, full swing, placement hitting and bunting will be taught

Fielding – ways to position oneself to effectively catch fly balls and grounders and throwing fundamentals as well as base coverage

Pitching/Catching – developing different types of pitches, how to set up behind the plate, building strength and understanding which ball to throw depending on the momentum of the game

Speed and Agility – how to take leads, run between the bases, steal bases and proper sliding techniques.

Understanding that all children learn differently, Terror Baseball introduces the players to different types of instruction from three core coaches supplemented by guest instruction at no additional cost to the player. Along with a head coach and two assistant coaches, the players benefit from guest instruction from others who have excelled in the game of baseball, either as former players, coaches or MLB professional scouts. We expect to have at least three area guest coaches this season to have special sessions with the team.

Click here for more information regarding the coaching philosophy.

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